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PolyPM EDI provides the ability to send/receive EDI transactions through PolyPM, enabling you to work more efficiently with your trading partners. Using EDI eliminates data entry errors and speeds up the transfer of information. When you receive Purchase Orders from your partners, they will be imported into PolyPM as Sales Orders. You will also be able to send back to your partners Purchase Order confirmations and manage all transactions. You will still need to maintain a mailbox with your VAN provider in order to send and receive the transactions. The base PolyPM EDI package includes configuration and support. There are additional charges for each type of document you will need to use with your trading partners

PolyPM supports X12 and EDIFACT standards and translation of non-EDI data like XML and flat files. The software also provides automatic generation of outbound functional acknowledgments from inbound transmissions.

The following document types are available:

753: Outbound Routing Instructions
810/880: Outbound Invoices, individual and consolidated
850: Inbound Purchase Order
855: Outbound Purchase Order Confirmations
856: Outbound Advance Ship Notice
869: Purchase Order Inquiry
870: Outbound Purchase Order Status Report
940: Outbound Warehouse Shipping Order
945: Inbound Warehouse Shipping Advice

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