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Share, notify, alert or communicate seamlessly with team members, suppliers and customers. PolyPM provides the facilities to share content, notify, or communicate in a way that reflects your business practices. PolyPM collaborates with these capabilities:

Supplier/Customer Portals
Suppliers or customers can acces their information directly over the Internet. Using Windows authentication, let your suppliers directly access product data, track sample status or even notify when they have completed a task. Give customers access to their calendar so they can view style development progress. Within PolyPM's secure environment, you establish what rights and access your suppliers and customers may have.

Event Messaging
PolyPM's messaging automatically handles the communication between team members that previosuly was done manually, if the team member remembered to send an email or make a phone call. PolyPM's messaging let's you customize individual or groups to receive messages, so team members only receive messages that apply directly to them.

Generate messages automatically to team members when an event occurs and skip email altogether. When a user launches PolyPM their message ToDo list informs them of exactly the tasks they need to complete. Create messages at two different levels. Start a task in a time and action calendar and notify the team member responsible for completing the teask or when a task is late notify management. Create explicit messages based on user-defined events. The types of messages are limited only by your imagination and specific requirements.

Email and Notes
Maintain all communications within PolyPM's notes system and cross-reference to components, styles, customers, suppliers and sources. Email notes directly from within PolyPM with attachments to team players, customers or suppliers. Maintain records and history so all team members across the enterprise can easily access communications. Use email and notes to support customers, pre-sales CRM, or to track communications relating to the development of a fabric.

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